Previous Rhode Island Business Competition Winners


Just Breathe, founded by Greg Calderiso, created a revolutionary relaxation device placed into the mouth that uses light airflow to guide users through pre-programmed patterns that are calming, targeted, and science-backed.


Nhuad Custom Controllers, led by Charles Johnson, CEO, created a single hand video game controller for gamers with one hand or other disabilities.


Q2Behave LLC, founded by Geanina Oana Costa, MD, MBA, created a wearable device intended to deliver positive reinforcement for desired behavior in children with ADHD.


Flourish Care, led by Melissa Bowley, created the only platform that puts women in control of their family’s wellness by facilitating spending during pregnancy on evidence-based goods and services.


Entrepreneur Track: Flux Marine Ltd., led by founder Jonathan Lord, designed, manufactured, and marketed zero-emissions electric outboard marine motors for the boating industry.

MedTech Track: ResusciTech, led by Abigail Kohler, developed a novel CPR feedback device that will give people the ability to perform CPR accurately in order to increase survival rates of victims of cardiac arrests.


Entrepreneur Track: Uproot, based in Providence, led by Kevin Eve, has developed and sells a space-efficient dispenser of non-dairy milks for use in cafeterias and other commercial food service operations.

Student Track: H2Ok Innovations, led by David Lu, a Brown University undergraduate, uses artificial intelligence data analytics to map sources of contamination in underground drinking water pipes that are targeted for replacement.


Entrepreneur Track: Your Heaven Audio, based in Providence and led by Steve Schwartz, which offers a hardware/software technology platform for amplifying and recording acoustic musical instruments accurately and easily.

Student Track: TextUp, based in Providence and led by Michelle Petersen, has developed a low-cost software package that lets social workers efficiently manage documents and information flows.

MedTech/Life Sciences Award: Predictive Optics is developing a portable, inexpensive device that optically evaluates cerebrovascular health by quantifying retinal blood flow dynamic differences between eyes. It is led by Vishnu Dantu, who is studying applied math and biology in Brown Univeristy’s combined undergraduate/medical program.


Entrepreneur Track: Farmer Willie's, led by Nico Enriquez of Pawtucket, is marketing a craft ginger beer that has less sugar and fewer calories than others already commercially available.

Student Track: Tvar EdTech, led by Alex Tavares of East Greenwich, is developing a phonics teaching device that lets students practice the most time-consuming step of phonics instruction independently.

MedTech Award: BI Medical, led by James Wagner of Coventry, is developing an easy to use liquid cleaner and applicator for removing bacterial contamination of prostheses.


Entrepreneur Track: Response Technologies, led by Ed Bard of Cumberland and David Pettey of Westport, is developing a manufacturing process that makes fuel tanks explosion resistant while reducing weight and lowering production costs.

Student Track: Mighty Well has developed a functional accessory that enables chronically ill patients to manage peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines to avoid dislodging lines and preventing irritation or infection. Emily Levy of Newport, a senior studying technology, entrepreneurship, and design at Babson College, is leading the team.

MedTech Award: Neurocurious, led by Kurt Spindler of Providence, is developing a computer algorithm to automate collection of rodent behavior data, aimed at reducing costs related to this significant component of pharmaceutical R&D.


Entrepreneur Track: HMSolution, co-founded by Margaret Lengerich, provides water treatment equipment to remove arsenic and other toxic chemicals at significantly lower cost than competitors.

Student Track: Namito, led by Race Archibold and Andy Treidman of Brown University, is creating automated visual content-recognition software that links to an online advertising marketplace, connecting brands with visual content creators.

Technology Award: NGS Imaging is developing a scintillator that will increase image resolution and overall detector efficiency of X-ray equipment used to diagnose and screen for disease indicators.The team, which entered in the Student Track, is led by Linghan Xing of Brown University.


Entrepreneur Track: Nordic Technology Group, co-founded by Erik Wernevi, is making an intelligent monitoring system that uses 3-D sensing technology to identify and alert caregivers to changes in behavior.

Student Track: Dual Server Cooling, a team from Brown University led by Ze Chen is using licensed technology to develop a new approach to cooling data centers that is 40 times more efficient, with lower implementation cost, than current data center cooling technologies.

Technology Award: CompNet Insurance Solutions led by David Bedard is developing an online quote system that allows businesses of all sizes, particularly smaller companies, to get immediate quotes on workers’ compensation insurance, thereby eliminating the need for an insurance broker.


Entrepreneur Track: Hannah Daye & Company, founded by Alison Cariati, is designing fine jewelry for women that is price accessible and easily wearable.

Student Track: Azavy, led by Tyler Benster of Brown University, and including Lucas Eggers, also from Brown University, Michael Anderson of Yale University, and Mark Fischer of Northwestern University, is creating an online store for 3D printed goods that crowd-sources manufacturing, enabling consumers to buy products designed and 3D printed by users.

Technology Award: TennisHub, led by Eddie Ross, an emerging Providence-based company has developed an online bookings and payments system that connects tennis players with opportunities to play at commercial courts.


Entrepreneur Track: JumpOffCampus, led by Mark Abramowicz of Providence, a nascent company that will provide a free online service to colleges and universities to help their students find safe and affordable housing near campus.

Student Track: is developing an application that will provide a customizable stream of music for in-store use by licensing music directly from artists/labels. The company was co-founded by Stephen Hebson and Parker Wells, seniors at Brown University.

Technology Award: Siren Marine a Connecticut-based company that relocated its headquarters to Providence, has developed a waterproof device that monitors critical systems for any type of marine asset. The company is led by Daniel Harper.


Entrepreneur Track: Lucidux is developing application software that will provide three-dimensional images to help surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures. Jason Harry, of Providence, CEO of the company, was the lead applicant.

Green Winner: American Ecotech is making turnkey, field monitoring laboratories that will enable scientists and engineers to quickly and accurately assess air pollution levels. Andy Tolley, of Warren, general manager of the company, was the lead applicant.

Student Track: Premama has formulated a prenatal beverage supplement to reduce birth defects. Dan Aziz, a student at Brown University and president of the company, was the lead applicant.


Entrepreneur Track: ProThera Biologics is developing inter-alpha inhibitor proteins to treat systemic inflammatory response syndrome and sepsis. Richard Andrews, of East Providence, chief business officer of the company, was the lead applicant.

Green Award: Newport Biodiesel has developed a sustainable method for manufacturing biodiesel through local collection of waste vegetable oil and local production. Chris Benzak, of Newport, managing partner in the company, was the lead applicant.

Student Track: Speramus is creating an online fundraising platform that uses a proprietary ranking system to match donors with individual support opportunities. Ryan Chan, a senior undergraduate at Brown University, CEO of the company, was the lead applicant.


Entrepreneur Track: BioIntraface, Inc. is developing a proprietary technology to thwart infection relating to medical device use. The company is led by John Jarrell of East Providence and David Spenciner of North Attleboro, Mass.

Student Track: Runa plans to produce and market energy drinks and bottled beverages made from the leaves of an Amazonian tree. The team, from Brown University, includes Tyler Gage, Daniel MacCombie, Charlie Harding, and Laura Thompson.


Entrepreneur Track: is developing an integrated approach for making important information quickly available about a missing person, such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s, to medical professionals, police officers, and private citizens. The lead applicant was Timothy Holmgren of Westerly.

Student Track: Siren Medical created a novel, low-cost technology for preserving living human tissue, which was expected to have broad applications in the medical field, including the preservation of amputated digits and limbs at the site of the accident for transport to a surgical facility The lead applicant was Mark Drew, a student at Rhode Island School of Design.

High School Track: D-Liteful Gaming was creating an online video game that incorporates economics and business with sports. The lead applicant was David Litwin, a junior at The Wheeler School in Providence.


Entrepreneur Track: Campus Guardian Corporation is developing software that turns GPS-enabled cell phones into personal security devices that automatically notify the university security organization in an emergency situation. The lead applicant was Michael Glier of Jamestown, RI.

Student Track: ShapeUp is working to help employers lower their health care costs via a workplace wellness program that uses team-based weight loss and exercise competitions to motivate behavior change. The lead applicant was Brad Weinberg, a medical student at Brown University.


Entrepreneur Track: Axon Labs is utilizing research in the field of cognitive neuroscience to design and market products that help enable peak performance by making consumers more efficient and alert. The lead applicant was Jason Donahue of Providence.

Student Track: PEK Wireless Systems was developing a proprietary wireless adaptor for broad, long-range transmission, with any electronic signal. The lead applicant was David Dowty, a student at Johnson & Wales University.


FarSounder, Inc., is marketing a revolutionary new capability in marine navigation that allows mariners to “see ahead” of the vessel underwater for a wide field of view: range, bearing, and depth. The lead applicant was James Miller and the company is based in Narragansett, RI.


Medical Monitoring Technologies, a seed-stage company that was developing a wearable diagnostic tool for monitoring acute asthma conditions, was established by Nathan Intrator, Ph.D., an associate professor of brain and neural systems at Brown University who serves as the company’s chief technology officer.