Rhode Island Business Competition’s "Stop Wasting Resources – The Pitfalls to Avoid When Identifying Your Market" Workshop is February 3rd

PROVIDENCE - (January 21, 2022) - The Rhode Island Business Competition's workshop Stop Wasting Resources – The Pitfalls to Avoid When Identifying Your Market will be held on Thursday, February 3rd, at 5:00 pm. This event will be hosted by CIC – District Hall Providence as well as being live streamed. The presenter is Dave Lubelczyk. Known as the “Brain For Rent", Dave is a one-man think-tank who converts obstacles into actions. For 25 years, he has specialized in helping entrepreneurs, management teams, and business owners get unstuck.

Although an entrepreneur may feel they have the most innovative product or service it really does not matter if there is no market for it. Defining the customer is an essential process which includes creating a customer profile to clearly define not only the customers' needs by understanding their buying patterns but also what motivates them to buy. In this interactive workshop, participants can start to identify who their customers are and how to find them which will serve as an aid when they develop their marketing strategies and business plan.

This event is free and open to the public. Click here to register for the event. For more information, please visit www.ri-business.com.

Applications for the Rhode Island Business Competition 2022 are open now. Details can be found at www.ri-business.com.

The Rhode Island Business Competition aims to create and foster growth companies in Rhode Island that will increase local employment. This non-profit is supported by a broad range of sponsors that include private businesses, investors, foundations, colleges and universities, public entities, nonprofit organizations, and former competitors. Today, it is one of the leading community-supported business plan competition in the Northeast. The Competition encourages plans for new businesses, as well as from early stage companies.