Application Instructions

General Instructions

Completing the online application is the single most important step in applying to the competition. By completing this application, all applicants provide the same information to the judges, which allows them to fairly consider all applications.

Hint: It is easiest to complete the application based on your full business pitch deck. It is recommended that you submit your application close to the deadline. This way, you can keep working on your application in case you want to update it based on the way your business pitch deck is developing.

Applicants who become semi-finalists will need to email full business pitch decks to, and they will have only one week to email it.

Guide to Completing the "Applicant Info" Section

Complete all fields marked by an asterisk (*).

Guide to Completing the "Business Idea" Section

Complete all fields marked by an asterisk (*). This is the most important part of your application, as it will tell judges about the business idea you are proposing. Hint: Think of the judges as investors, which is what they are since they will be awarding cash and in-kind services. Therefore, speak to them the way you would if trying to convince an investor to invest in your idea.

Guide to Completing the "Funding" Section

Complete all fields marked by an asterisk (*).


  1. This table does not have an asterisk (*), because it is recognized that, in some cases, not every cell can be completed. This is all right, but it is absolutely essential to complete most, if not all, of the table.
  2. Make sure that the numbers make sense. If Year 5 revenue is 50 times as large as Year 1, your explanation of the market and how you will generate revenues needs to support such rapid growth. Similarly, rapid revenue growth will likely incur significant expenses, and your description of operations should support this.

Guide to Completing the "Bios" Section

Complete all fields marked by an asterisk (*).

Include the following information for the key members of your team as it currently exists.

Submitting Your Application

After you hit the Submit button, you will be asked to signify your agreement with Rule No. 6: All semi-finalists must agree that, should they be chosen as a finalist or winner, they will use prize winnings to establish or continue operations that employ people in Rhode Island.